What is Indexing and Why is it Important for your Website

What is Website Indexing?

Website indexing is the process of adding your website and content to the search result of Google and other search engines. When you search for something online, search engine crawlers gather information from thousands or even millions of webpages and organize it in the search index. Letting the search engines know that your website exists is the most important thing that you need to do if you want more people to find out about your website. Search engines use keywords, title, descriptions and other metadata to give the user the most relevant and useful results.

Why indexing is Important for your Website?

  • Attracts More Online Users or Customers
    Users will most likely to click your website if titles and descriptions are written correctly. Once they see that the keyword they used is also included in your page title or description, they won’t hesitate to click on your website. For example, if a user searches for a restaurant that has Belgian waffle on their menu, the user will click first the pages from the search engine result that has a Belgian waffle in the title or description.
  • Improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    As we mentioned earlier, search engines use keywords when searching for web pages all over the internet. If your webpage’s title and description are well written and rich in relevant keywords, it will be easy for search engine crawlers to find your website and there is a big possibility to appear in the first page of the result. Google rewards websites that have relevant keywords according to their niche by ranking them higher in search results. Ranking higher is very important, this can help your business grow and meet the business objectives. Remember, users trust search engines and having a presence in the top positions for the keywords the user is searching, increases the web site’s trust.
  • Saves you money from Ads
    Creating an ad campaign on Google and Bing is not cheap. You need to pay for every click on your ad. It also needs some experience to set up effective campaigns. That’s why many businesses choose to pay a marketing agency when they’re setting ad campaigns. However, if your website is indexed correctly and started showing up on Google’s first page, it’s no longer necessary to have an ad set up as users will start clicking on your webpages and content.

Here is an example of the website that’s indexed properly by Google.

Your website being indexed properly on Google and other search engines absolutely matter if you are looking for a way to attract more Internet users to visit your website. Contact AVA today and we’d be happy to help you improve your website’s indexing!


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