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I remember how I use to feel like I had to do everything because if I gave tasks to someone else, they could potentially do it wrong.

I also remember how I use to feel like it would take too long to teach or train someone how to do tasks, and I might as well just do them myself. My mindset was, I can just knock it out really quick.

Whatever the tasks are, VA’s can learn them, it’s a matter of how you teach/train them.

I’ve learned that the best way to train is by having the trainee shadow me while I work. I’m still doing the work, I just now have someone watching me while I explain what I’m doing and taking notes. In a short period of time, the trainee was handling the tasks and I was managing them. Oh, and as an added bonus, the notes that the trainee took quickly and easily turned into a training/procedure manual.

Sounds pretty easy, but you may be thinking how does a Virtual Assistant that isn’t in the same room as you, shadow you? And how do you manage them? Well, that’s easy, online programs such as Join.me and Skype’s Team Viewer allows users to share computer screens, and also have built-in microphones so that we can speak to each other.

Bottom line, VA’s are a fraction of the cost of in-house employees, and can easily be taught how to tackle your tasks so that you can wear less hats, free up your time and do other things like focus on sales, go to the gym, play golf, etc, etc, etc!

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