Tasks that You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant



If you’re a small business owner, you are probably overwhelmed with handling everything on your own. But in this age of outsourcing, there is no need to try to juggle different aspects of your business. Hiring a virtual assistant will help you to become more efficient as they can get things done virtually.

Virtual assistants work and operate from a virtual office. They basically communicate with their clients through the internet. Getting a VA frees up your time, and reduces costs and stress. You don’t need to take care of logistical issues, tax issues, and benefits as a third party can take care of it all.

Some entrepreneurs haven’t taken advantage of outsourcing because they don’t have a clue about which tasks to delegate. These are some of the general administrative tasks that your VA can complete for you:

  • Manage schedule

    Now that there are scheduling tools available online, you can get your VA to manage your calendar. Virtual Assistants can book appointments with your clients, do necessary follow-ups, and even book hotel accommodation and flight schedule.

  • Manage E-Mails

    Checking your e-mails takes up most of your time in the morning. Your VA can filter your e-mails so you can respond to the most important ones efficiently. You can also get them to answer customer service e-mails, and send event invitations and e-cards.

  • Online research

    Your VA can conduct various research projects for you – keeping up with the industry, researching on certain topics for newsletters, reports and presentations, and finding the best hotels and airfares for your business trips.

  • Social media management

    Establishing your social media presence is important for online marketing, but it can also consume most of your time. Your VA can help you set-up and regularly update your social media accounts. If they are also skilled in writing, you can get them to manage your company’s blog.

  • Transcription of audio and video

    You can send digital files of your interviews, meetings, file notes, and reports for your VA to transcribe. This is more effective than getting a speech recognition software because you can be sure of more accurate output.


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