Support Essential Businesses during the COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic.

Essential Businesses are in need of our support.  Today we are experiencing something we have never experienced before, the COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic. Businesses across the United States, and throughout the world are faced with forced closures due to the widespread of the COVID-19, CoronaVirus Pandemic.

Most, if not all states by now have issued a shelter in place which means the general public must stay at home and only go out for essentials.  Social distancing is required, no congregating, and no groups of people more than 6-10 people in one place to prevent the spread of infection.

This shelter in place order has put a strain on businesses small and large, shutting down the non-essentials, and making it difficult for the essentials to stay open since the pandemic has the world in fear and basically locked down.

As many businesses are forced to close, several industries are needed to stay open, these businesses are called essential businesses.
Essential businesses consist of hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, banks, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, some contractors, and any business that could serve as an emergency requirement.

Print’em AllSigns Next Day, and Always Virtual Assistants does serve as an essential business since each division of the company supports businesses that are either still open but are Working From Home (WFH), or we are supporting the needs of the essential businesses that are open and supporting all of our communities.
Based on each of my companies, here’s how we have been able to help businesses during this time of crisis and uncertainty. 

Print’em All core competency is printing business logos on apparel, signs, paper products and promotional products.
We are currently working on a few promotional products for brave nurses.
Nurses all over the world are fighting for lives more than ever and this May 12 is Nurses Day.
The nurses at the Orange County Medical Center ordered lunch coolers and cell phone wallet stands as a small token of appreciation to their warriors. 


Silicone Cell Phone Stand & Wallet


Quilted Insulated Non-Woven Tote


Custom Printed T-Shirts

​Our most recent t-shirt order was for a company in Martinez, CA Absolute Air who created t-shirts for their crew that said IAMESSENTIAL

Yes, they are essential since their clients are commercial essential businesses.

Always Virtual Assistants supports businesses mostly with web-related tasks such as building websites, social media management, and search engine optimization.

We recently built an online ordering system for a restaurant that in recent times only offered dine-in, take out, ordering in person or by phone.

What we did was implemented an online ordering system on to the restaurants existing website and Facebook page.  Now Cafe Soleil of El Sobrante can accept online orders from their customers. Check out both their website and Facebook page.

Does your restaurant need an online ordering system?  Click for more info!

Signs Next Day is the newest addition to my business in which we print and ship signs the very next day after you’ve ordered.  We also offer FedEx Next Day Air at a discounted rate which allows customers to have custom printed signs as fast as possible.

With the current pandemic, essential businesses are in need of signs more than ever, especially with new social distancing laws that are in place.

Here’s a banner we just printed for Bridge Commissary Kitchen in Richmond, CA.  This banner is used as a directional sign to let customers know where to pick up food. offers an online design tool that allows customers to customize and design their signs, but during this time we are offering free design layout services for essential businesses.


Custom Printed Vinyl Banners

​This pandemic has had a huge ripple effect on the world and has effected all businesses one way or another.

I am curious if there are any businesses out there that are not affected or suffering during this pandemic.

If you have a business that hasn’t been effected, please comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks to our customers during this tough time, and thanks to everyone for reading.

Hang in there and please stay at home.  We’ll all get through this together.

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