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3 Ways To Improve Your Company’s Official Twitter Account

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses ranging from the behemoths of the corporate world to the innovative newcomers have realized the importance of enlisting a social media manager to promote their offerings and widen their consumer base. To overlook the immense opportunities presented by social media platforms would be a monumental oversight. Among the plethora…

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Digital Marketing Today – Here’s What You Should Avoid

Sometimes I see digital marketing as human life. It is a fun way to connect these two otherwise not-related things, but here’s the similarity that makes me laugh. Both online marketing tactics and life are not in the person’s (marketer’s) hands, and we know that both are going to expire someday, but we don’t know…


7 Tips For Finding Inspiration For Your Social Media Content

In this time and day, it’s already well known that a brand’s presence on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn is crucial. Social media accounts have become the best ways to communicate directly with your audience, find out what they care about and what they dislike, and learn more about the current…


6 Reasons Why LinkedIn Makes Landing New Customers Easy!

  No Telemarketing!! Skip the The Gate Keeper!! My Profile is my Resume Posting Regular Content is a Reflection of Who I am, What I Do, and What I know. Customer Reviews, Recommendations, and Referrals The days of door to door sales are over! LinkedIn is such a powerful tool, and easily contributes to one…