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Have you ever opened and read an email from your cell phone and said to yourself, I’ll reply later but you ended up forgetting? Not only is it embarrassing to receive a 2nd request email, but how about when you lose business because of that.

How about appointments and calendar reminders. Sure my google calendar can set reminder alerts by email and text, but sometimes you can be so busy that you forget to put the event/appointment on your calendar.

Today, I call, text or email, mostly call my VA. Not only will AVA set the appointment for me, but they will remind me, my client, etc, anyway I ask them to.

For example, I’m driving, just got off the phone with a client and they want to meet next week. I’ll call my AVA rep, and ask to pull my calendar and coordinate the best time/date with my client. I have a one-touch button on the home screen of my mobile phone.

Being on the go, as mentioned in previous blogs, wearing multiple hats, having AVA makes my work life so much easier.

Let AVA wear one of your hats and help you never forget an email, or appointment again.


Eric D


Eric Datanagan


Always Virtual Assistants & Print’em All

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