My Christmas Cards and Gift list is Ready! Is yours?


My Christmas Cards and Gift list is Ready! Is yours?

I love Christmas, it’s a time to give thanks to all of my clients for the support and partnership throughout the past year, but I’ve always struggled with being able to send out cards and gifts due to time. I’m just too busy!

Here’s how I use my VA to help!!

Some customers will get cards, some will get chocolate, any others will get an e-card. Easier said than done, because I have a lot of customers and need to sort who gets what, and make it happen.

I started by having my VA create a spreadsheet of customers based on revenue. The spreadsheets allowed me to sort who gets what.

Once the spreadsheets were created, it was easy for me to determine how many Christmas cards, and how many boxes of chocolates I needed.

My VA designed my christmas cards, ordered the chocolates, and also designed and sent the e-cards.

The only thing I had to do was write and mail out the Christmas cards, that’s it!

Never again will I have to stress on clients and gifts, I now have a process, and YOU CAN TO!!

Call me today, I’m happy to help create a process for you that will free up your time, make your life easier, and reduce stress!!



Eric Datanagan


Always Virtual Assistants & Print’em All


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