What is a mobile first website?

A mobile first websites are websites which automatically adjusted based on the size of users’ screens. Thanks to responsive design, users can easily browse a website regardless of what device they use. The site’s layout and content will change based on the width of a browser on a device.

Why mobile first websites are important?

Because Google Says So

Google’s algorithm as well as the ranking criteria in the mobile search have been changed. Google has announced that it is going to give priority to mobile first websites.

Better User Experience

61% of the users are going to drop out of a website which is not mobile friendly and 40% of them are going to visit a competitor’s site. This way,  you will decrease your bounce rate by having a site that appeals to your customers.

Meet The Expectation Of Your Customers

The purpose of your business is to serve the needs of your customers. The use of the smartphones has increased, and it is essential to meet any web challenge as well.

Increase Your Traffic

Nowadays, the most traffic comes from the mobile phones. Actually, 52% of the total traffic originate from mobile users.

Increase Your Conversions

57.5% of the users claim that they don’t buy via mobile mobile due to mobile unfriendly websites.

Increase Your Sales

80% of the online consumers have completed a purchase through their smartphone. Mobile-commerce has increase by 39% in 2017.

The Advantage Of Social Media

 One of the most popular activities on the web is surfing on social media. 55%  of the users use mobile phones while they browse. Social media could be a perfect traffic channel for your website.

Improve The Engagement Of Your Brand

Improve your image and try to be memorable with the services that you provide through your mobile first website.

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