How To Easily Find Information and All Options When Booking Airline Flights

There are so many travel sites today that can help find the lowest priced fares, which is important, however we’ve found that a lot of these sites (Expedia, Hotwire, Priceline, etc) don’t give enough options or information about the flights. Options like flexible fight times, seating and luggage allowances.

So with all of these online travel companies and airlines to research we came up with a process on how to easily find information and options when booking airline flights.

The answer is Always Virtual Assistants will research all of the options for you!

Below explains how we here at Always Virtual Assistants help our clients find the best flight prices, options, and information.


We start by researching the origin airport and the destination airports using has almost all airlines in their system except we did notice that Southwest Airlines is not.

Once we have entered the origin, destination, and dates, Kayak will pull up the lowest price fares, all airlines, and the flight times.

The biggest problem with this, is that cheapest isn’t always the best. We’ve found that the results of their low costs had pretty crazy flight times, such as departing the origin at 6am, with return flights arriving back at destination at 12 midnight. That’s a tough way to travel, especially for busy entrepreneurs and professionals.

The good news is that provided a list of all of the airlines that travel to and from these particular locations.


Next we research each Airline that provided.

At that point, we simply note all the airlines provided by, and go to each of their websites and provide the specific times and dates that our clients want to travel.

For example, one could have an appointment in Dallas, Texas at 12 noon next week Thursday, and MUST be back home in San Francisco by 3pm the next day.

It is our job to find flight options that will get our customers into Dallas in plenty of time to make the 12 noon appointment, and also get them back home on time without fail.


Pricing Options is next.

Now that we have our clients specifics entered each airline will provide us with detailed flight information based on the exact criteria we provided.

Available times, how many seats available, how many stops if any, and class types Economy Plus, Business, or First Class.


Seating Class Options is a very important option that most of the online travel sites seem to overlook.

Some of our clients prefer larger seats, more space, or even first class accommodations. Going directly to the airline sites will allow us to know exactly what is available, and what are the costs.

On most airlines sites they often have FAQ pages that provide seat dimension, meal options, and luggage allowances, otherwise we do call and ask.


Speaking of Luggage Allowances

Nowadays all airlines seem to be different. Some allow 1 free check in, while others charge for each check in, and we’ve also noticed airlines that charge for carry on.

It’s our job to provide those options to our clients so that have a smooth check in and travel without any hiccups.


Save time, hassle, and headaches, by having Always Virtual Assistants handle this for you.

All of this research can take up a lot of your time. The average time it takes to research is about 2 hours, which I’m sure can be spent doing other useful things.

Feel free to contact us the next time you, your boss, or maybe even your family decides to take a trip. We will help you research all options to help make sure that your flight is comfortable and as easy as possible.


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