How Email Marketing Makes Me Money!


For years I have been using email marketing applications such as Constant Contact, Mailchimp, GetResponse, etc, and they all basically do the same thing. Allows me to build email lists and send my lists information on what it is that I do and offer.

Sure some people can’t stand them and think it’s junk mail, while others don’t. The ones that think your campaigns are junk can easily unsubscribe which actually helps free up your list and provide room for new potential or existing customers.

Here are few important points that I feel help convert my emails into sales.

1. Build a solid list.  The email addresses that you collect and add to your list, should be customers or potential customers that you know might buy from you.  My list are people who have purchased from me, as well as people who contacted me for a quote. Also my list contains specific lead generated targets, meaning when looking for leads I searched specific people, and job positions that buy my products and services.   For example, Marketing Director probably buys marketing products and services. I also search for small business owners whom many need help building their business with digital marketing, websites, and all of my virtual assistant services

2. Your email campaign must be relevant to the people you are sending to. I look at it like going fishing. If you want to catch a certain type of fish, you need to have a certain type of bait. This could mean having multiple lists that are sorted and categorized. That way you’re not sending people campaigns that they may not be interested in. Strategy is always key!

3. Consistency. Ever heard the term out of sight out of mind? Well being consistent and sending emails on a regular basis keeps you in front of the customer. The moment they need something, more than likely you’ll be fresh in their mind and they’ll contact you.

Like I said earlier, email marketing makes me money, and these are just a few important points on how I go abouts doing that!

If you need help with email marketing, lead generation, and strategy give me a call, I’m happy to help!!

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Eric Datanagan


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