How Can Email Marketing Help Your Business In Launching New Product or Services



It’s exciting to introduce a new product. A big part of success when launching new products or services from comes from effectively communicating your upcoming products to your old and new customers. You can use different marketing channels such as social media and Google Ads, Print marketing, TV and a lot more.

However, if you’re looking for a low-cost and proven way of promoting new products and services, you can always use “Email Marketing”.

Here are some tips you need to get your product launch off to a great start.

1. Create a Strong Subject Line
Think of an attention-grabbing subject line. Many customers are receiving hundreds of emails a day, and many of these will often go unnoticed. Your subject line is one of the first things a recipient will see, so it’s essential that yours is the one that stands out and catches their attention. Go with a catchy subject line that’s quickly and descriptively summarizes your new products as few words as possible.

2. Choose Powerful Graphics
How many times have you opened an email but closed it immediately because it looks plain and boring? When launching new products or services, always a choose high-quality graphics or image. Remember that when most people open an email, they’re immediately drawn to an image. After looking at the image, their eye line is drawn to the text near it.

3. Include Product Description to your Email
Product descriptions are essential and can actually help you increase sales. You need to make sure your descriptions are enticing, informative, and optimized. Think of words to tell your customers why they need your new products and why they should buy it.

4. Link your Products or Services to the Product Page
Now that you have a catchy subject line, high-quality images, and an enticing product description, don’t forget to include the product link on your email marketing campaign. This link will serve as a call to action where your customers can click and visit the product page, landing page or your website. The good thing about email marketing automation is they don’t only count the open rate of your campaign but they also track all the links that your customers clicked in your email.

If you need with email marketing, and strategy contact AVA today and we’d be happy to help!

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