How Can a Virtual Assistant Help You Grow Your Company?


You may not have realized that a virtual assistant can actually help grow your company in addition to juts being an overall stress reliever. While they are answering your phones, updating your social media, and scheduling your appointments, you can be working on marketing efforts, starting a company blog, or taking on extra client work that you didn’t have time for before.

While you’re finding more time in your schedule, your virtual assistant is also keeping up with your customers on social media, updating your website, and creating images for marketing so that your company can stay engaged with consumers and start to grow faster than before. You may not have realized what all a virtual assistant can do and all at a great price tag. Here is a look at how your company will grow while becoming easier to maintain all at once.

You can’t grow alone

Trying to grow your business alone is going to lead you to a plateau. You won’t be able to figure out why you can’t grow any larger than you are currently at despite your best efforts. It’s impossible to do it all alone with so many hours per day and being only one person trying to do everything. In addition, you shouldn’t be so focused on doing it all but rather be focused on your clients and customers.

Finding ways to get more clients, convert your list of leads, and to retain these customers is supposed to be the focus while you are also wearing the hat of accountant, marketing manager, sales, and secretary.

What you should have on your team besides yourself is a business coach, an accountant to handle the bookkeeping, and a virtual assistant to keep the business running. While you probably can’t afford all of these important members of a great business, you can start with keep your business running and having more time to play the support roles yourself. Starting with a virtual assistant will relieve you of secretarial tasks so that you can focus more on being a business coach and accountant yourself.

What do virtual assistants actually do?

The great thing about virtual assistants is that they can do a variety of things depending on the needs of their clients. While you may feel nervous to give up control and tend to be a perfectionist, a virtual assistant is trained on offering the professional and thorough service you are used to giving.

They can do anything from document formatting to timelines for product launches, or setting up your events to scheduling your newsletters. They can help with social media efforts like posting and targeted ads too. You won’t have to answer the phone, schedule your appointments, or sort through your inbox anymore; your virtual assistant can answer all of the calls, take messages, alert you of urgent emails, and sort through your inbox to get rid of the junk for you.

Business grows when you have the time to focus on tasks without disruptions, when you have the time to take on work that will grow your business, and when you have a professional service helping you with the administrative tasks and ensuring they are done with quality and care.

Giving up control may allow you to write that ebook you’ve been thinking about, take a business trip you didn’t think you had the ability to leave for, or make more money in order to hire more great professional team members.

No more missed calls, forgotten appointments, working late, and having no time to improve business; hiring a virtual assistant will not only make your week go smoother but your business will actually have a chance to grow.


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