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Let’s face it, we all know where the bulk of our time should be spent.
If you’re a salesperson, then you should be focusing on “sales”.
If you’re in legal, then you should be focusing on “legal”.
If you’re the president of your company, you should be focusing on growth and development.

But we all somehow find ourselves with TEDIOUS tasks that waste our time, when we could be focusing on more important things.

My wife is a legal assistant and her major focus should be court filings and all things related to legal documentation. This morning she just finished venting about making travel plans for one of her attorneys, as well as being frustrated with the billing process.

Then I said to her, sounds like you need a virtual assistant. She kinda laughed at first but realized how all of the tedious tasks (travel arrangements, billing, receipt management, etc) can be given to a VA which would free up a lot of her time.

My wife makes pretty good money being a legal assistant, what her company needs to realize is that they are spending way too much to have their high paid legal assistant handling their admin task.

VA’s are a fraction of the cost, we can knock out so much in so little time, and we LOVE TEDIOUS tasks!

Wish me luck, we’re making a pitch to her employer today!

Eric D


Eric Datanagan


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