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Managing an online business is pretty tough. There are many things that need your attention like order processing and inventory management. It’s definitely not a one-man job more so when your business keeps growing. You’ll need a little boost! Give your business that competitive edge in the Amazon, eBay, Shopify marketplace with the help of Always Virtual Assistants. Our team can do tasks such as:

  • Product Research
    – Your Virtual Assistant will give your vital insights into products trends, products your competitors are selling and ways you can improve your strategy.

  • Adding new products
    – Uploading products and updating prices can take a toll on you. Stop pulling your hair and focus on a new marketing strategy instead! Let your Virtual Assistant do this for you. 

  • Writing product descriptions
    – Product description can be a powerful persuasion tool for boosting sales. Always Virtual Assistants can assist you to write product description that sells. 

  • Basic image editing
    – Let our team help you edit the images before uploading them to your website. Our Virtual Assistants are equipped with the tools and skills in enhancing your product’s images. 

  • Manual Processing of orders and sending tracking information when needed
    – Let your Virtual Assistant assist you or your customers in manually placing orders. They can also help you send tracking updates to your customers. 

  • Monitoring of listed products and removing if they’re not selling.
    – Your Virtual Assistant can help you track and monitor the products that are not selling and send you a report about it.