Digital Marketing Today – Here’s What You Should Avoid

Sometimes I see digital marketing as human life. It is a fun way to connect these two otherwise not-related things, but here’s the similarity that makes me laugh. Both online marketing tactics and life are not in the person’s (marketer’s) hands, and we know that both are going to expire someday, but we don’t know when.

In actual, SEO is so unpredictable that we can’t comment on one tactic to work even for the upcoming one or two months. Google or other search engines roll out an update and whoosh; all the backlinks start to lose their potential, inducing a negative effect on the overall search rankings.

Marketers can bet that the future of digital marketing jobs is shining like a crystal in the United States. Some of the statistics even indicate that AI is set to dominate the paid ad market in America by 2022. Also, a survey suggested that 60% of business owners in the country have understood the importance of content marketing and SEO.

As a result, an SEO company in Dallas has already started inducing Artificial Intelligence in most of the campaigns they create or ideas they develop. From over a decade now, Google has sidelined the other search engines such as Bing, Msn, and Yahoo and strengthened its grip over the internet and set up its monopoly. Hence, we will pivotally talk about the tactics that are almost dead for SEO on Google.

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1. High-Quantity & Low-Quality Content Publishing

Well, those days are long gone when Google used to give a blind eye to content farms. Flooding search engines with smaller and low-quality blogs are now considered spamming & grey hat SEO. If you are expanding your valuable buck for content writing than throw out the old farming methods and instead stuff your content with detailed information, researched data, graphs, and supporting images.

2. Using Drip Campaigns Without Any Personalization

This one is especially applicable to large-scale organizations. Drip campaigns aren’t a thing for small players. However, if you are not personalizing your email campaigns according to the taste of your customers, you are sending red signals to Google’s spam checkers. Remember, emails depict your domain name and anything hitting the email will directly hit your domain’s reputations too.

3. Avoiding Paid Media

If you think that you are going to get anything solely based on organic marketing efforts, then you are making a grand mistake. In other words, you are challenging the only way social media and search engine companies earn their bread and butter. And it’s now open that organic reach is getting diminished day by day.

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Hence, maintaining a good ratio between your paid marketing efforts and organic ones. In the words of a digital marketing expert from Spiderorbit, “For marketers, it’s high time to break their cocoons and unzip their colorful wings they will get with the power of paid marketing.” Have you grasped yet that what’s the most common mistake the digital marketers collectively do?

It is following others with a blindfold on the eyes and a stagnant, impenetrable wall on their brains. Many decide to stick with the old practices just for the sake of change. I personally see no point in following a path that is getting thinner and thinner as we move forward. And the dying tactics of digital marketing are similar to that path.

Instead of waiting to make a moving after the marketer sitting in front of you, it will always delay your success. Hence, you need to understand the necessity of taking the risk because it does have the benefit of instantly pushing you one step ahead of the curve. Without a doubt, it will outshine you in the eyes of employers and the absolute market itself.

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