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Keeping a your financial records solid is probably the single most important part of business and personal life. Paying bills, entering payroll, balancing checkbooks, and preparing invoices all take valuable time that could be better spent running your business. Always Virtual Assistants will make your bookkeeping a worry-free aspect of your business. Here’s what we can help you with.
1. Getting Paid – We can help with creating invoices, and following up with your clients and asking them to pay past due invoices.
2. Categorizing – Categorizing your income and expenses are key to knowing exactly where your company is spending and making money. It also makes tax filing easy but identify everything correctly.
3. Reconciliation – We can help make your Quickbooks and your bank statements match.
4. Payroll Processing – We can help calculate hours and process payroll through QB’s or any other payroll processing system.
5. 1099 & W-9 Forms – We can help you send, follow up, and collect W-9 forms which is necessary to send year end 1099 forms. We can also help create and send 1099’s to your vendors for proper tax filing.
6. Mileage Reports – We can help you keep track of your mileage so that you can claim on your taxes.
7. Receipt Management – Take a photo of all of your business receipts, meals, hotels, supplies and send it to us. We’ll create a report for you, for easy reimbursement, or tax filing.
AVA can help manage and keep your books clean. We’ll be happy to go over everything with you and help get you started on an organized path.

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