7 Tips For Finding Inspiration For Your Social Media Content

In this time and day, it’s already well known that a brand’s presence on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn is crucial. Social media accounts have become the best ways to communicate directly with your audience, find out what they care about and what they dislike, and learn more about the current and upcoming trends.

Still, creating an engaging social media strategy for a brand is a real challenge. Staying modern, relevant, and innovative isn’t as easy as it seems. When you hit a creative block, these pieces of advice will offer you the inspiration you need to keep making amazing social media content for your brand.

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Break Large-Scale Content Into Smaller Pieces

When you can’t seem to find any new sources of ideas to fill in your social media editorial calendar, it’s time to try this impressive content trick: Use big campaigns, long blog posts conducted case studies, or any other type of large-scale content and break it into smaller pieces.

Select interesting points, ask engaging questions, remind your audience of findings your brand came up with. Use appealing imagery or illustrations to go along with these intriguing “did you know” posts, and include a call to action to invite your audience to respond and share their opinions.

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Use Polls To Ask Questions And Get Insights

What is the best way to find out which type of content your audience wants to see? Ask them for their ideas! Every social media platform supports this type of communication. Instagram has polls you can run on stories, Facebook offers you to get your audience to vote in groups, on pages, and in stories, while Twitter has its version of polls as well.

If your brand is a bit more serious and formal in approach, you can even ask questions in polls on LinkedIn. Ask an engaging question and give your followers several options to choose from. You will benefit from both the engagement your social media account will experience, and the unique ideas for new content coming fresh from the source: your target audience.

Get Ideas From Popular, Active Online Forums

There is almost no question hundreds of millions (yes, you’ve read this one well) of users on forums such as Quora and Reddit can’t answer. All you need to do is create your account and get active in these communities, which have grossed more than 300 and 330 million users, respectively.

Whether you choose to actively ask questions about making your social media content more interesting, or you just want to browse through and read what other users have posted, you are sure to find plenty of inspiration for your brand’s presentation on social media platforms.

Follow And Replicate The Current Meme Trends

More than halfway through 2019, we’ve gotten used to seeing memes everywhere we look. Once mostly found on websites such as 9gag or CollegeHumor, memes are now an inescapable part of our culture, and social media platforms are the places where this phenomenon is most prominent.

From classical art-inspired memes and slapstick humor to niche memes and localities, there seems to be a meme sort for every type of person around. If your brand allows for a humorous touch, make it a part of this on-going social frenzy, most internet users love and share.

Seek Inspiration And Help From Professionals

For some types of content, having a qualified, experienced team to help you create it is essential. Longer written content asks for time, expertise, and research you often don’t have time for. If your other obligations prevent you from fully dedicating yourself writing for your brand, consider professional writing services. But read some reviews firstly like Boom Essays review and many others that you can find on https://www.bestessayservicereviews.com/.

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Check Out The Competition’s Content

Whenever you have some time to spare, make sure to check out how your direct competitors handle their own social media strategies. Which type of content do they post? Does their audience engage, or they leave no responses?

Is there something you like, but you’d do it in an entirely different way? Finding inspiration can happen in unlikeliest of places, but your competitor’s social media feeds are actually some of the best places to look for it.

Revisit Older Content That’s Still Relevant

Although you can’t create a social media strategy out of reposting content from ages ago, revisiting some relevant pieces from time to time is undoubtedly a good idea. As your social media profiles grow and gain more followers, there will always be people who haven’t seen everything you posted in the past.

Perhaps a certain post wasn’t getting attention in the earlier stages of your profile activity, as you had fewer followers and interactions? Reminding your audience of these pieces is going to benefit them and your brand alike.


Being creative on command, especially in a time when content became more important than ever before, is never an easy task. Coming up with fresh ideas every day is stressful, and sometimes feels almost impossible. Luckily, there are ways to spark your imagination and keep creating content that engages and converts.

These helpful insights will be very useful for any social media strategist looking to stay modern and relevant, providing their brand with great ideas and actionable content every day. How do you handle your brand’s social media strategy when you’re out of thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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