6 Reasons Why LinkedIn Makes Landing New Customers Easy!

6 Reasons Why LinkedIn Makes Landing New Customers Easy!

  • No Telemarketing!!
  • Skip the The Gate Keeper!!
  • My Profile is my Resume
  • Posting Regular Content is a Reflection of Who I am, What I Do, and What I know.
  • Customer Reviews, Recommendations, and Referrals
  • The days of door to door sales are over!

LinkedIn is such a powerful tool, and easily contributes to one of the main reasons how I generate new sales.

Today I’m going to share with you 6 reasons Why LInkedIn Makes Landing New Customers Easy!

1. No Telemarketing!!

When I first started my career in sales, I would make hundreds if not thousands of calls a week, trying to schedule appointments with potential customers.

Basically trying to get the potential customer to allow me to visit them.

Call after call, spiel after spiel, technique after technique, hang up after hang up, trying to schedule appointments and finding decision makers was harder than finding a needle in a haystack.

Sure I got lucky from time to time, but for the most part it was almost impossible and easily led to frustration and a blow to my confidence.

With LinkedIn, it’s totally acceptable to cold call or in this case, cold message potential customers. The worst thing that could happen is getting ignored, and I prefer people ignoring my message then getting hung up on, or screamed at!

Also it’s much easier to type and send a message versus calling a business and repeating the same spiel over and over. Plus with the right strategy you can almost copy and paste your introduction messages.

2. Skip The Gate Keeper!!

Finding the decision maker has never been easier! Back in the old days, I would have to butter up the Gate Keeper just to find the decision maker, and in some occasions it took a lot of butter!!

Nowadays, you can find the decision maker my searching for a specific title. For example, if my goal is to find new customers for my web design service, I would target business owners and entrepreneurs because they would very likely be the decision maker of who they hire to build their company websites.

3. My Profile is my Resume

As a business owner, one would think a resume is no longer needed or necessary, WRONG!

It’s even more important because I look for a jobs every single day of my life, versus people searching for A job. The moment they get a job, they don’t really need their resume until they need to look for a new job.

Setting up my LinkedIn profile is like having an online resume. I’m able to let people know what I’ve been doing in business over the past years and decades.

When sales people randomly message me, I immediately check out their LinkedIn profile and review their experience. I’m pretty sure the same thing is happening to me.

By having a complete LinkedIn profile and listing my experiences, potential customers will immediately understand what I do, and how long I’ve been doing it.

4. Posting Regular Content is a Reflection of Who I am, What I Do, and What I know.

Another thing that I do is post regular content either by sharing articles or writing my own. As potential customers research me, they’ll notice the subject matter that I talk about, which always relates to my products and services.

I read a lot of different online articles, and if I find value in the articles, I always share them on my news feeds. When sharing these articles, it allows people to know what I read, which in turn can possibly help someone else in the same way.

For an example, an article topic I often read and share would be about improving my business. Again reading articles that helps me improve my business, could potentially help someone else learn how to improve their business in that specific way.

Also, writing my own articles, as I’m doing right now, is a great thing to post on LinkedIn. It’s information coming directly from me. Yes sharing articles is great, but nothing beats first hand information like writing my own articles, and sharing my actual business experiences.

5. Customer Reviews, Recommendations, and Referrals

Anyone can print t-shirts, create websites, design logos, manage social media, etc, but at the end of the day, my goal is to always do the best that I possibly can so that my clients are happy.

In fact my #1 rule which I got from Walt Disney, is to deliver happiness.

I always ask my customers that are on LinkedIn to leave a review or comment on what we’ve worked on together. Some do, some don’t, but that’s ok, having a few is better than none, and overall it allows potential customers that review my profile to see what other people have to say about me, my products, and my services.

6. The days of door to door sales are over!

Remember the old days of door to door sales?   LinkedIn is a dream come true for sales people like me who use to sell products and services pre-internet.

I’ve always been a B2B salesperson, and remember canvassing business parks, office complexes, and high rise buildings in downtown San Francisco.  At the end of the day, I was beat from walking so much!

Well all that walking and knocking on doors, are now a thing of the past thanks to LinkedIn.

Not only does LinkedIn save me time and energy but LinkedIn has a product called Navigator which is a perfect tool for lead generation.

I input specific key data, like company name, title, position, or department and in a few magical seconds, I have hundreds or even thousands of lead results.

I can specifically target people that I feel have the need for my products and services.  It’s not free, it’s an added LinkedIn service with a hefty monthly price, but in comparison to how I use to find leads, this is well worth the price.

Oh and I might as well add that if you sign up for one of my virtual assistant plans, we’ll do the searching for you, and save you from having to pay that monthly fee!

In today’s business world LinkedIn has made sales much easier but still requires strategy, and putting in the time to do work.

If you need help with starting or managing your LinkedIn account, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss how I can help create a LinkedIn sales plan for your company.

Well that does it for me today.  If you have more reasons, tips, or suggestions on how LinkedIn can make landing new customers easy, please comment below.

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